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34th Annual Conference, Oct 30–Nov 2

Beyond Our Walls . . .
     Beyond Texas, Beyond Status Quo, Beyond Workshops

Workshops — Thursday Oct 30, Friday Oct 31, Sunday Nov 2

Date & TimeDescriptionFee
Thu. 8:30–3:30
Fri. 8:30–11:30
Biofeedback Foundation of Europe
2-Day Workshop

There are 3 sessions (beginner, intermediate and advanced) for professionals that want to learn more about the latest biofeedback technology and different applications, and how the leaders in our field are applying it in their daily practices.

Fri 5:30-8:30
Ken Bateman, PhD
Ethics Workshop

Dr. Ken Bateman will present ethics from a view of burn out prevention.

$45 BST mmbr
$25 Students
Sun 8:30-10:30
Benjamin Strack, PhD
HRV Training for Performance Enhancement

Participants will learn how to integrate HRV, GSR and EMG training with athletes, as well as teach how to increase Low Frequency activity in the HR spectrum. Athlete case examples will be used to describe pitfalls and barriers to successful use of HRV training.

$35 BST mmbr
$25 Students
Sun 11:30-2:30
Lynda Kirk, MA and Jennifer Kirk Schriever, MA
Integrative Approaches in the Treatment of Children
Using Neurofeedback and Biofeedback

Past President of AAPB, ISNR and BST, Lynda Kirk will present her expertise on clinical applications with children. Just a few of the many topics include: successful tips in working with children; recent advancements with children; protocols for 4-5 of the most common diagnoses; current research on the efficacy of Nf with children; 2 of Lynda's favorite multi-treatment therapies, and integrating Nf with behavioral therapies. Lynda's daughter, Jennifer Kirk Schriever, will be a co-presenter.

$50 BST mmbr
$30 Students
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